5-year quality guarantee.
Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for a
full five years from date of purchase. Any part that
fails to perform satisfactorily within that period will
be replaced absolutely free with proof-of-purchase.


7000 Watts AM Power Handling Capability (ICAS)
Frequency Range 26-30MHz
1.6MHz Bandwidth
1/4-Wave Length Design
Tunable Design
Designed for CB and 10 Meter Radios
Special Design for Weather Band Reception
Can be Used as a Single Antenna or Co-Phased
for Dual Antennas
10" Shaft Length with 3/8" x 24 Threads
Solid 8-Gauge 100% Silver Plated Wire for
Maximum Efficiency
49" Stainless Steel 17-7 Tapered Whip
Radiused 180° Tip for Maximum Range and Clarity
Chrome Plated Whip Adapter
Ultrasonically Sealed Housing Eliminates Corrosion
Caused by Water
Exclusive Computer Aided MetlPlas Process Molds
Metal and Thermoplastic into a Single Part for
Maximum Reliability
Full 5-Year Warranty

TR-40BK - Black with Red Logo
TR-40WH - White with Silver Logo


  Cut-a-way photo shows K40 out performs its competition

Because the RF signal travels on the surface of the wire, the larger the surface area (skin effect), the lower the resistance. The lower the resistance, the higher the efficiency of the antenna. Higher efficiency means less RF signal loss and more gain. Simply put, you talk further and receive clearer!

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  Government testing proves K40 has more gain on every channel

In recent testing by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, the K40 Trucker Antenna outperformed the Wilson 2000 in gain, VSWR and bandwidth on all 40 channels. Testing was performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology- the same agency whose U.S. Atomic Clock is the world standard for all computer clocks and the Global Positioning System.

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