.....performance guarantee.....
30-day money-back performance guarantee.
Your new K40 CB Antenna must transmit farther and
receive more clearly than the antenna it replaces or
simply return it within 30 days with proof-of-purchase
for a complete product credit from the authorized K40
dealer who installed it.


Universal Mounting Application
Includes 18' Custom-Made RG-58A/U 95%
Shielded Coax, Stranded to Prevent Breakage
Exclusive METLPLAS Construction for Superior
57 1/4", 17-7 Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
Unique Capacitor for Consistent SWR Across
all 40 Channels
Base Rotates 30° for Proper Vertical Polarization
Special Radiused Tip to Dissipate Static
No Static Ball to Get Knocked Off
Whip Retracts 2-1/4" Into Coil for Super
Easy Tuning
Isolation Chamber Reduces Static Damping
Quarter-Turn Release Makes for Easy Removal
of Coil and Whip
Made in U.S.A.

5-year quality guarantee.
Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for a
full five years from date of purchase. Any part
that fails to perform satisfactorily within that
period will be replaced absolutely free with

K-40 - Black with Red Logo
K-40G - White with Gold Logo
M-40 - Black Magnet Mount Kit
M-40W - White Magnet Mounty Kit


  Computer Designed, Machine Assembled for Clearly Superior Performance

Every K40 is exactly the same. Unvarying. Totally consistent. In materials, construction, and - most importantly - in performance.

That's because we computer design each and every component. And then match and assemble them on a fully automated production line. With tolerances that you just can't get with old-fashioned hand assembly.

The result: Antenna performance that's far and away the best you can buy. At any price.

20   20
  Easy to Install with Many Optional Mounting Systems

"The K40 Speech Processor CB systems and antennas delivered great range and were easy to install. Under demanding race event conditions, this equipment was wonderful and faultless."

Brock Yates, Jr.,
Cannonball Enterprises

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