.....performance guarantee.....
30-day money-back performance guarantee
Your new K40 Tunable Whip CB Antenna must
transmit farther and receive more clearly than the
product it replaces or simply return it within 30
days with proof-of-purchase for a complete
product credit from the authorized K40 dealer
who installed it.


K40 Whip Antennas are made of the finest
quality materials to stand up to the most rugged
conditions while delivering maximum power
transfer. And you can use your K40 Whip Antenna
with complete confidence, because we guarantee
it for five full years.

Universal Mounting Application
Tunable Design
Top Loaded Coil
Frequency Range 26-30MHz
Designed for CB and 10 Meter Radios
1/4-Wave Length Design
Fits all 3/8" x 24 Threaded Mounts
Chrome Plated Whip Adapter
Mil-Spec Polyolefin Sheath
Can be Used as a Single Antenna or Co-Phased for Dual Antennas
Full 5-Year Warranty

5-year quality guarantee

Materials and workmanship which include
chipping, peeling, cracking, rusting, etc., are
guaranteed for a full five years from date of
purchase. Any part that fails to perform
satisfactorily within that period will be replaced
absolutely free with proof-of-purchase.


  Power Whips

The K40 Power Whip is designed for the
discriminating CBer. Heavy duty construction,
large diameter copper wire, and the exclusive
tuning whip feature add up to high performance
and superior quality.

.....Power Whip features.....
Special Design for Weather Band Reception
3/8" Heavy Duty Fiberglass Rod
Solid 16-Gauge Copper Magnet Wire
Lengths up to 4.5 Feet

T-250W - 2' White Whip, 1000 Watts
T-250 - 2' Black Whip, 1000 Watts
T-350WH - 3' White Whip, 2000 Watts
T-450WH - 4' White Whip, 2000 Watts
T-450BK - 4' Black Whip, 2000 Watts
T-500WH - 4.5' White Whip, 2000 Watts
T-500BK - 4.5' Black Whip, 2000 Watts

20   20

Super-Flex Whips

With its 180 degree whip action capability, the
principle advantage of the K40 SuperFlex Whip is
its ability to withstand extreme shock from
obstructions without breakage.

.....SuperFlex Whip features.....
180 Degree Whip Action Capability
SuperFlex 1/4" Fiberglass Rod

SF-200K - 2' Black Whip, 500 Watts
SF-200W - 2' White Whip, 500 Watts
SF-300 - 3' Black Whip, 1000 Watts
SF-300W - 3' White Whip, 1000 Watts
SF-400 - 4' Black Whip, 1500 Watts
SF-400W - 4' White Whip, 1500 Watts

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